Nawab’s Secret Awadhi Qorma


No Nawabi Dastarkhwan was ever complete without this dish. With its thicker gravy and delectable Mughlai flavour, Nawab’s Secret Korma reigns as a timeless classic. Rooted in the Mughal era, this dish effortlessly adds elegance to any dinner party. Enjoy the ease and simplicity of preparing this no-fuss recipe, as it brings the essence of royalty to your table. Delight your guests with the irresistible taste of Nawab’s Secret Korma and create cherished culinary memories.

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This is perhaps the only dish without which the Nawabi Dastarkhwan was considered incomplete . It has a thicker gravy in contrast to curry and is a Deliciously tempting , full with quintessential Mughlai flavour.

A Mughal era original, Korma is the perfect dinner party dish that is easy, quick and a no fuss recipe.

​Through Nawab’s Secret Korma , simple or Sada Korma is cooked . However, age old Shahi Korma can also be cooked with this Nawab’s Secret Masala as spice mix is same for both the two. You just have  to include 2 tbsp of Almond paste and 2 tbsp of balai(Cream) in the last step of cooking .

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 27 × 95 × 140 cm


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