About us


The very mention of Lucknow, which was the seat of Awadh culture, brings to mind the tradition of ‘pehle aap(after you), the language dripping with politeness and the life-style of the Nawabs. But what appeals the most is the cuisine of Awadh, which in some ways, was a culmination of all that was best in art , culture and science. During the reign of Nawab’s ,several Bawarchi khana(kitchens) flourished as a result of high degree of culinary skills of the cooks who vied with each other to cook the most exquisite varieties of food in order to please their masters and thus came the element of secrecy in order to preserve their  peculiarity and exclusiveness.  The main characteristic of these culinary delights has been Dum pukht style of cooking(cooking on low heat and long cooking time), usage of exotics spices, herbs, flowers and roots, and abundant usage of ghee/clarified butter.

In fast pace life of today, where old traditional  principles such as “ pahle Taam phir badao kalam”( First foods and then start conversation) or “sahaj pakey so meetha hoi(that which is cooked by the slow method is more tasteful)  “ , people do not have time , patience or inclination for these traditional Cuisine which require elaborate cooking methodology and complex blend of spices many of which are not readily available. It is no surprise that these old dishes are being replaced by the convenient foods comprising of fast foods and even frozen meals.

Our Objectives and Principle

Our Company was founded on the concept of providing our Customers the most authentic and complete spice mix for the world famous foods of Lucknow. Our Spice mix comprises of some of the most exotic spices,herbs and flowers that have been traditionally used in Awadhi Cuisine.

In order to suit the palate of the present generation, the recipes have been meticulously tried and tested several times with a toning down of the rich ingredients wherever possible. Both the cooking time and the method have also been modified and adapted to the modern kitchen without compromising on the final taste and flavour of the dishes. Though we still hold that “ sahaj pakey so meetha hoi(that which is cooked by the slow method is more tasteful), we have adapted most of the recipes to suit today’s kitchen.

Our Objective is to introduce the characteristic tastes and flavour of the Awadh region with the hope that the authentic cuisine from Awadh will be recreated in today’s Kitchen to be savoured at the table. We sincerely hope that this attempt at demystification the cuisine of Awadh will be able to rekindle the romance of Shaam –e- Awadh.

One of the most important feature of our Products are that they are completely free from any chemical whether in the form of preservatives, anti caking agent or artificial colour. We can proudly say that our Spice mix products are the most authentic comprising of exotics spices, herbs and roots which are peculiar to Awadhi Cuisine

In addition to our inhouse elaborate Quality check mechnism so as to ensure that our Products adhere to the  best quality standard , we have adopted low temperature grinding so that the spices retain there freshness and aroma.

So, now you don’t have to travel to Lucknow to dine the delicate Biryani , melt in the mouth Kebab or the  aromatic Kormas of Lucknow. You can very well recreate the traditional magic of Dastarkhwane Awadh in your home with our Spice mix with convenience and easy to cook recipe. 

“The secret of good cooking We feel is the love for food. It is an art and taste that can be acquired through a quick fix method with the help of NAWAB SECRET Spice mix,”​