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Dastarkhwan E Awadh

Celebrate the season like the Nawabs of yore, Embark on a royal journey where kebabs melt in your mouth and Biryani, Korma & Nehari melts your heart.
Let Nawab's Secret Spices indulge you with delicacies that befit true Nawabi traditions.

Suitable for Vegetarian

All of our Products can be used in Preparation of Vegetarian dishes and does not contains any Non Vegetarian ingredients.

Authentic and Original

Unlock the secrets of Awadhi cuisine with our Spice blends, crafted to honor the age-old traditions of the culinary legacies

100% Halal Ingredients

Indulge in the finest Halal products.Does not contains any ingredients that is Prohibited/Haram as per Islamic rule.

Why US

Apart from retail, we’re a major supplier of Blended spices and food essences to the hotel and catering industries in India and abroad. Our clientele includes various Five Star hotels .

The Awadhi cuisine has been one of the best kept Secret along with its usage of complex spices which includes herbs and roots. A prime example being Lazzat E Taam which impart unique  earthy flavor.  We provide the exact Spicemix along with original recipies so that you may create the same magic in your Kitchen.

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